Why Zenovia Exchange?

The preferred technology platform for advertisers to access viewable, clean media from the world’s best publishers

Zenovia Exchange reaches nearly 111 million people monthly via clean, fraud-free impressions. Our technology dramatically improves results for our global supply and demand partners.

Why our Partners Choose Us

Unique Inventory Sources

Zenovia’s publisher tools were designed so publishers of all sizes could leverage the opportunity of real-time bidding (RTB). Accordingly, we offer unique supply from “mid-to-long tail” publishers from around the world.

Access to 111 Million People Per Month

According to Quantcast, Zenovia Exchange reached 111 million users in October 2013.

Clean Traffic

Zenovia de-risks buying by pre-cleaning all impressions using our patent-pending Velvet Rope technology.

Better Execution Rates

Because we leverage a unique globally-balanced network and our proprietary 2nd-generation platform, we offer some of the best execution rates and lowest discrepancy rates in the business.

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Who We Work With
Demand Side Platforms (DSP)

Our demand side platform (DSP) partners come to us for clean, fraud-free impressions and some of the lowest discrepancy rates in the business. Our exchange ranks in the top 5 worldwide, accessing over 7 billion requests daily and reaching 111 million people in the US alone.

Agency Trade Desks

By providing clean and viewable impressions, our agency trade desk partners buy from Zenovia Exchange with the confidence of knowing they are receiving quality, brand-safe impressions every time.

Supply Side Platforms (SSP)

Our existing supply side platform (SSP) partners work with us because we reach additional demand that helps them master yield optimization.

Ad Networks

Small to mid-sized networks work with us because we empower them to capitalize on the opportunity within RTB buying — without heavy investment in technology or infrastructure.


We work directly with publishers to help them prepare their inventory for the modern real-time bidding (RTB) buyer. By de-frauding impressions, enabling tracking of users across all of our supply, and reducing time-outs, publishers earn more by leveraging Zenovia Exchange for yield optimization.

Exchange Highlights
  • A Top 5 Global Exchange
  • 7 billion daily requests
  • Reach of 111 million people in the US
  • Built-in anti-fraud measures
  • Focus on delivering quality users
The evolution of display buying has changed the buyer mission to emphasize rapid identification of high-value users. To meet our buying partners’ dynamic needs, our technology is designed and tuned to meet the needs of real-time buying while leveraging one of the world’s largest supply pools.
User Identification - The New Imperative
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